B2B conversion

An automagic buying experience from day one

Take good care of your customers and visitors

First impressions mean everything. Simple ordering and payment for both existing and new customers is one of the most important first steps in the buying experience. It also plays a vital role in getting customers to shop again. With our help, you can automate the process across channels and give your customers a simple, secure way to order from you.

Increase the number of new customers

Today people who are shopping for their company are looking online. And when they find what they’re looking for, they want to buy immediately, whether by card or by invoice. That’s why a quick and efficient onboarding of customers is crucial for gaining new customers and sales. With Payer’s conversion search functions, you can make shopping a breeze for new customers in a hurry.

The customer relationship is yours – don’t let it slip away

Thanks to digitalisation and tougher competition, it’s becoming more and more important to nurture your relationships with customers and create loyalty. For us, it is essential that our services promote a long-term, sustainable experience where the relationship between seller and buyer is strengthened, instead of our brand taking over the communication with your customer.

Increase security

Manage both new and existing customers completely automatically, with all the necessary controls, in one second flat. Perform an extra verification in any step of the flow. Together, we can easily tailor your flow to perfectly fit your needs.

Want to create an amazing shopping experience for your customers?