Payer has many exciting customers and assignments with innovative and groundbreaking business models. Here you can read about them and see how we work with their payment solutions.


With our international expansion just around the corner, we realised that we needed a smart B2B solution for online payments across national borders. Through close collaboration with Payer, we can successfully automate and integrate our entire accounts receivable process


– Fredrik Upåker, CFO of Worksystem


In-store payments together with Touchtech
Our previous challenge was that we had to mainly rely on the checkout options on our customers’ webshops, where the consumers in the store had to use their phones to complete the purchase.


– Deniz Chaban, CEO of Touchtec.


Payer came with a number of possible solutions and really explained to us in detail how we could solve different steps of the process. They really made us feel like anything was possible. We chose Payer because we were able to get a customised, complete solution. Now that so much of the process is automated, customers don’t need to worry about anything. They can go in, make a purchase, and check out. The whole process is streamlined. With other companies there’s a lot of no, no, no, but with Payer it was always yes, yes, yes’


– Sebastian Rubenstam, Beleco.

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  1. 1. Choose a payment method for in-store or with Payer.
  2. The customer confirms the payment.
  3. Done! The payment is completed.

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