Payment solutions

Payment solutions and B2B payments

With Payer’s payment solutions, your B2B e-commerce becomes easy and your customers get a great payment experience. Accept payments securely from customers around the world using an agreement and integration.

With the right payment solution, you’ll boost sales, conversion and the number of satisfied customers. Our API-based technology enables you to customise the flow according to your specific needs and different channels.

Accept payments around the world

With card payments you can easily and securely accept payments from around the world, using a single agreement.

Billing within Europe

A full-service solution for billing to European countries. The B2B invoice flow is tailored and automated for an optimal customer experience. The billing service offers features such as automated real-time credit assessment, receivables management, distribution and follow-up including requirements management.

White label

Make a statement! Strengthen your brand and let Payer do the heavy lifting by managing your payments. With our White Label solution, you can customise the design of your payments, bills or emails. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to get started, and we can tailor the solution to your needs.

Payment instalment options increase sales

Your corporate customers can choose to pay in instalments just as smoothly as when consumers shop online. Payment instalment options make it convenient for your customers to buy from you because they can split their payments for bigger purchases. This way, you increase sales and make your customers as happy as can be.

Recurring payments

A streamlined payment solution that makes it easier for your customers to shop from you again and again. Recurring payments help to increase sales, conversion rates and satisfied customers on your e-commerce site. Simply register the buyer’s payment details and charge when it suits you.

Popular payment methods

You decide which payment methods you want to offer to accept payments online. Payer provides a wide range of both traditional payment methods and the latest trends in payment solutions.


Mobile payments are on the rise, and with Swish you can reach over 6 million mobile users across Sweden.

Direct payment

The buyer pays immediately via their online bank, making them feel secure.

Payment instalments

Let your customers get the chance to split up their payments.

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