B2B automation

After the payment is made

Automate and customise

Know someone who loves to automate everything? Then perhaps we share the same passion. We want to automate everything, too, without compromising the customer’s needs. A customised, automated flow provides better service for your customers.  


Think of what you could do in your free time if your bookkeeping took place automatically. We can automate your booking of receivables as well as payables, and manage different types of bookkeeping events that often recur for larger companies.

Invoice administration

Our White Label billing service gives you ledger management, reconciliation, distribution and follow-up, including payment reminders and requirements management. Effective procedures reduce credit periods and improve cash flow. Owning your invoices and having control over how they are processed increases the chances of a good relationship with your customers.


We offer different types of financing solutions to companies in the Nordic countries. Invoice financing gives your business more liquidity, which increases the opportunities for your business to grow. We can also offer financing options to your customers.

Long-term customer relationships

With automated and customised flows, your customers get an optimal experience after they make a payment. Our shopping experience services contribute to a better overall service experience in your customers’ eyes.

Want to create an amazing shopping experience for your customers?