Payment services for B2B

Amazing shopping experiences

We simplify payments between companies. Our e-commerce services help you create amazing shopping experiences, delighting your customers and increasing sales.

Ever since Payer was founded in 2007, we have been delivering secure, smart solutions for e-commerce. Today we are one of the leading Nordic companies specialising in B2B payments.

Case: Worksystem

Customer success: Worksystem
With our international expansion just around the corner, we realised that we needed a smart B2B solution for online payments across national borders. Through close collaboration with Payer, we can successfully automate and integrate our entire accounts receivable process

Fredrik Upåker, CFO of Worksystem

Case: Touchtech

Customer success: Touchtech
In-store payments together with Touchtech
Our previous challenge was that we had to mainly rely on the checkout options on our customers’ webshops, where the consumers in the store had to use their phones to complete the purchase.

- Deniz Chaban, CEO of Touchtech

Case: Beleco

Payer came with a number of possible solutions and really explained to us in detail how we could solve different steps of the process. They really made us feel like anything was possible. We chose Payer because we were able to get a customised, complete solution. Now that so much of the process is automated, customers don’t need to worry about anything. They can go in, make a purchase, and check out. The whole process is streamlined. With other companies there’s a lot of no, no, no, but with Payer it was always yes, yes, yes’.
Sebastian Rubenstam från Beleco.

Sell to the whole world with
automated B2B processes

It’s automagic! Processing new and current customers

With Payer, all new and existing customers are processed completely automatically and all the necessary verifications, based on your needs, are done in under 1 second. This way, your B2B customers can easily shop across channels and get a positive shopping experience.

Payment solution for both local and global sales

You can accept payments using a variety of local and global payment methods. Everything from worldwide card transactions, billing to European countries and recurring payments, to payment financing options for your customers like B2B payment instalments in the Nordic region.

Automated bookkeeping and financing solutions

Through personalised, automated B2B flows, you can spend more time taking care of your customers! Payer offers a wide range of solutions for accounting documents and links to ERP systems. We also offer requirements management and different types of financing that reduce credit periods and improve your liquidity.

Secure payments

Payer is a payment service provider under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and is PCI certified under PCI DSS Level 1 and approved by VISA and MasterCard.